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Moving images to a location on an existing canvas

I have completed my project, however I need to make some changes in the existing project. So i try to add some images to an existing canvas, however I am not sure how I can move that image to a desired location I want. I can only see the last slide on myu workpage.

How do I make the changes ?

If you need to see more of your canvas, use the plus and minus arrows to zoom in or out until you can see more of the canvas.

Then select the element you want to move. If the element is not already selected, click the element, or click the thumbnail of the element in the timeline at the bottom of the screen one time.

Then either click+drag it using the pointer, or move it using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

You may also want to watch the tutorial videos on the INSTANT ANSWERS page of this website for more information about the basic features.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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