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Creating SVGs in Illustrator as SVG Assets and exporting for use in Videoscribe

Hello, this is my first call out and I see (and have been told by the team) that there are many knowledgeable people here. I have two questions, one probably more complex than the other, so I will start with this one. I have had a break from video scribe for a few months and the last one I created I had achieved a breakthrough - I created the whole 'storyboard' within one illustrator document. I then lassoed each set of elements at a time that would be separately animated. I saved these as SVG assets. It was much much quicker and worked beautifully. BUT now when I do the same and with huge perseverance from Matt in the team, cross-checking all the settings we could, when I play the SVGs in video scribe they write picking up any lines close by them, so a capital A for example on the up line the edges of the line that crosses for the A appears and this occurs again on the down stroke. In the months Videoscribe has updated, Illustrator has updates and the Macs software has also updated. Does anyone here use this method and if so do you have any advice at all?


(using with the save options already discussed in various threads: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update) ) is the method that is known to work correctly in videoscribe.

2) "EXPORT" 
I believe, this will include data in the file that causes undesirable results in videoscribe.

My guess is that this will cause the same problems as "EXPORT" but I have not tried it.

might work if it presents the same save options as "save as". I haven't tried it.

Are you using one of those save methods?
What version of Illustrator?
Can you attach the SVG with the problem?
Can you provide a screenshot of your save options?

-Mike(videoscribe user)

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