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Move images to a new computer

I just got a new computer and now see that the images I have imported to VideoScribe do not save in the online library.  Is there a file or some way I can grab those images from the old computer to the new one.  I've loaded them from several sources over time and it will be difficult to recreate from scratch. 

Imported images do not go into the videoscribe library. A limited number of them will stay in the recently used images folder until they get replaced by newer images, but that's not a reliable way to save images because eventually they all get deleted.
You might be able to transfer the recently used folder to the new computer by finding and copying the whole "videoscribedesktop" folder from the old computer to the new computer (it will also copy all of your locally saved scribes and delete any scribe that are already on the new computer.)

Or you could make a scribe using all the images you want to keep, and then save it to the cloud folder.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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