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SVG file converting strokes to fill


Im drawing my own illustration, using the pencil tool, and then saving as an SVG file. The drawing looks perfect but once i upload the SVG file to video scribe the strokes almost become a black fill.

Therefore my illustration becomes a black blob. I experimented with converting my strokes to outline strokes but, which actually worked but then the animation draws the outline stroke first and then fills in the paths with black.

How do I upload an illustrator SVG as strokes without my drawing becoming a blob.


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When creating SVG images in Adobe Illustrator CC there is a save option that must be changed for the image to work in VideoScribe. When saving as an SVG there will be a save options box that will appear after you have given the image a name. You will have the option to change the CSS properties in the Advanced options section. The CSS properties should be set to either Presentation Attributes or Style Attributes.


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