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Starting animation in parallel on same canvas at the same time for two different objects


I want animation with group of images and Text to start at the same. Text is wriitten commentry for voice over and other animation id group of image sin sequence.

Please let me know if I can do that as I am subscribed user and want to keep text flowing at the bottom while main animation starts at the center of canvas

Please clarify as I GOT STUCK



Videoscribe draws one thing at a time, so you would probably need to make 2 videos (one with drawings and one with text) using the same animation and transition times, and combine them using some video editing software.

Personally I would not recommend captioning the narration as it could be counterproductive in a whiteboard video when the viewer is intended to be watching only the drawing.

In general I would recommend that you include key words and phrases in your drawings instead.

If closed captioning is necessary, I would recommend
1) uploading the video to youtube and using youtube's closed captioning feature with a closed caption file that can be enabled or disabled by the viewer. This can also be auto translated by youtube I believe. There are tutorials on youtube/google for doing that.
2) include the closed caption in your videoscribe but just have them appear with about a .1 second animation time then draw your drawings as usual
3) if you really want two things drawing at the same time you can make two videos and compisite them using some video software.

Hope that helps,
Mike(videoscribe user)


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