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Windows 10 DPI Scaling

Hi, I just started using Videoscribe on my windows 10 laptop with QHD (2560x1440) resolution + 175% scaling and the software is blurry.

I suppose there is no DPI support in the software, this is why Windows is blurring it out. Can we have support for it? Or if there is is there any way we can activate it?

Anyone can test it by going to display resolution, change the scaling and restart PC.


Hi Nishant,

There is no option to change the DPI display quality of VideoScribe from within the application. This is controlled in the code of the app so support for high res displays will need to be implemented by our developers. I have raised this with the development team and they will look into it.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for looking into it. I am glad to know the the request has been taken to the dev team, because seeing how common high DPI displays are now I am sure videoscribe would look so much better for such users. Cheers.

Hi Matthew,

In the latest version I saw there has been support for high density displays but unfortunately I still don't see any changes visually? In windows 10 support for high DPI needs to be added please, thanks.

Is it possible for you to send a screenshot to illustrate the blurriness of the VideoScribe application on your display?

Hi, yes surely. Please find the attached image.

Notice how the text in center layout is crisp and layout (I assume because it's some sort of vector layout), but bottom text bars, and popup text is blurry. Even though I have gotten used to it now, but just seeing the new update mentioning high dpi support felt great, but then it didn't work out.

And it's very easy to recreate this issue in any windows PC, just goto display settings and select DPI 175%, restart PC and open videoscribe.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Nishant, thanks for the extra information and sorry for the delayed reply to your post. I have spoken to the product manager of VideoScribe today and he will get the developers to scope this one out so it can be prioritised along with the other work we are doing. We'll let you know once it's being worked on.

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