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Select multiple elements

I was working on VScribe and lost the ability to select more than one element. After much wringing of hands, I reset the default "Image Quality" back to 800px (from 1920px). Is this a known bug? I realize some of my other problems may have been relate to the higher resolution. This is fine for editing, but my client wants a 1080p quality video. Is this possible/practical in VScribe?

Sometimes exiting a scribe and loading it again can reset any lost functionality. I'm not sure if this specific issue has anything to do with the image quality but it may have something to do with using ctrl+click on a Mac computer. 

There is a known bug on the Mac version of VideoScribe where functionality can be lost after using Ctrl+click. Ctrl+click is used to bring up the right click menu and you should avoid using this command if you are experiencing loss of functionality. If you close VideoScribe and open it again and avoid using Ctrl+click, do the issues still occur?

You can set your Apple mouse or trackpad up so that it right clicks thus avoiding issues related to using the ctrl button.

To set up your mouse:

1. Go to “System Preferences”

2. Click “Mouse” or “Trackpad”

3. Click “Secondary click” so the checkbox has a tick in it

Your mouse or trackpad is now set up to right click.

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