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Properties "Save and open previous Element" not working.

I have the "Image Properties" dialog open. I click "Save changes and open previous element" button, but the dialog closes and the current element is still selected. Am I doing something wrong? VS: 3.0.6.

Hi Ray,

I have just tried this myself and the image properties window was just disappearing after I clicked to go to the next or previous element. I tried this a few times and it was happening consistently. I saved the scribe, restarted VideoScribe and opened it again and now it worked (maybe just reloading the scribe would work without restarting the software). I can't reproduce the issue now, so can't test it, so if you get the problem again, try saving the scribe and trying again. If that doesn't fix it, try again after exiting to the projects screen and loading the scribe again and if that doesn't work, try restarting the software. I have raised this with our development team and we will gather more information if further reports come in.

At the moment the previous and next buttons do not save amendments to the text of text elements (timings and everything else will be saved but if you change the text and go previous/next, the changes won't be saved. This is with our development team for fixing.

Thanks for checking on this, Matthew. My experience was the same. Restarting VScribe fixed it… for now.

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