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How to update an existing object

How do I update an existing placed SVG in VideoScribe? I have placed and set properties.I just want to make edits to the SVG in Illustrator. It seems I have to start over anytime I need to make a change. 

I don't use the newest version but I think  it's here:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for responding. The "Select Image" button (top, left) seems to do the trick, although the updated image does not come in the same size as the placed image. Will have to try to understand what VS is doing and accommodate it.image

Yes. Mike's screenshot is v2 of VideoScribe (he's old skool) and you are using v3 so Select image is the button you are looking for. 

Most images in the Library will be different dimensions so if you are replacing one unless they are identical then there will be a little change in the box size but it will retain all the other settings.

I am interested to know why Mike prefers V2.

After a weekend of "hair-pulling" I got a job done in VScribe 3. I have LOTS of suggestions to make the program more friendly to use. One is to allow the user to preview an SVG element animation before the "Image Properties" window closes automatically. 

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