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Scribe Voiceover download takes too long in 3.0

When I changed Videoscribe 2.0 to 3.0 I liked most of the changes. The software became more convenient. 

But voiceover download became too slow. 

While editing the scribe I edit the audio track in another program and download it to Videoscribe dozens of times. 

In 2.0 this voiceover download took about 2-3 seconds. And in 3.0 it takes a minute. And since I can download it dozens of times while making 1 scribe, it slow downs my work considerably. 

Is it a problem for anybody else? Can you advise the possible solution? 


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Yes, I agree that if you are importing an MP3 voiceover, you should not have to wait for the scribe to load first. I have raised this with our development team.

There is not really any workaround at the moment, this would need to be changed by our developers.

has a ticket been raised for this does anyone know, every time I click voiceover it churns for 5 minutes arrrghhhh

I've raised a ticket for this with our developers and it will be considered for a future release. I can say that it has not yet been selected for development and no work is currently being done on this.

I second this -- I like to edit my mp3 voiceover as I'm editing the scribe:  add a second of silence here, remove a half-second pause there.  This worked fine in the previous version; after editing the mp3 I would just delete the voiceover from the scribe and re-select it, which took a few seconds.  Now in the latest version, I have to wait for it to render the whole scribe in order to delete/re-select the voiceover file - which takes a couple of minutes.  That becomes quite irritating and inefficient when I'm fine-tuning the timing and make dozens of such edits.

Here's a workaround:  Load the voiceover mp3 as the background music, not the voiceover.  It doesn't re-load the scribe every time you edit background music file...

In the latest version of VideoScribe (3.1.1), the voiceover behaviour has been changed. Now the scribe loads instantly in the voiceover record window so you don't need to wait for it to load if you are importing a voiceover as an MP3. (Some loading time may be required once you hit the record button to record in the application).

The latest version is available for download from your account page.

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