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I don't see the image, text or graphs on my free trial

I downloaded a free trial version on a macbook but I can't see how to start a trial. The buttons of image, text or graphs are not available as per the pic below. Is it a but? I wanted to try video scribe, but can't where to start from...


your screenshot shows the top half of the screen.

The buttons for adding images text and graphs are in the bottom half of the screen ...

If you are not seeing the bottom half of the screen, please provide more information about your computer resolution, operating system etc.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


and can you run videoscribe in windowed mode so you can scale it smaller on your monitor?


We have had reports of VideoScribe not fitting onto screens that have a diagonal screen size of less than 13 inches (regardless of pixel dimensions). Our developers are aware of this and will be looking into fixing in future.

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