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Can we create a video like this by VideoScribe?


I am a new user of VideoSribe, can we create a video like this by VideoScribe: ?

It wasn't made with videoscribe , but videoscribe provides an effect very similar to that.

Videoscribe has a large image library for you to use. If you have the art skill, and the vector software, you can make custom SVG images for videoscribe that would replicate the style of those drawings in that video. You can also add your own custom hands in videoscribe, however the hand movements in videoscribe are more simplified than the ones in that video, so that is one part that would not be an exact match. The video at the link incorporates actual video of a hand miming the drawing of every individual image. Videoscribe automatically generates that hand movement, so it is much less work for the person making the video, but the effect is not exactly the same, and the hand movements aren't as varied.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike, very useful information... I created some videos by Ipad Pro with apple pencil, but take lot of time for editing video, do you know how to add (or convert) these videos into videoscribe?




The free ipad app does not have as many features as the computer version of videoscribe. I think you can make an in-app purchase to publish the video  to your cameraroll as an MOV file. The computer version also has options to publish to youtube or facebook or, and save more file formats on your hard drive.

-Mike (videoscirbe user)


If you want to transfer a project file from videoscribe on your ipad to videoscribe on your computer, you can just save it to the cloud folder on your ipad, and then open it from the cloud folder on your computer using the same login information.

You will need to have a free trial or an active membership to login to videoscribe on your computer.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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