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Problem With Voiceover File

Hi  - I'm having problems with a batch of VO files.  I've been sent 6 that were recorded at the same session (to use with animations I'm creating for a client - they were recorded in a professional studio)


When I import one of these VOs, there is no sound, and the file appears to be truncated somehow.  See above screenshot-  the actual mp3 file is 75 secs in length and it plays fine when I open it in Windows. 

All 6 mp3 files from this client have this same issue.

I have never had this problem with any previous mp3 (at least 50 over the last couple of years)

Can you suggest anything? Is there some specific setting that needs to be used when recording?

If you would like specific suggestions, you could attach one of the files here. Or you could take a screenshot of the properties panel dispalying the codecs, bitrates and various other values.

Otherwise you could open the files and try resaving them in audacity or some other program.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks -  I've attached one of the files...  there's nothing to see in Properties as far as I can tell.   

OK I've been sent a new set of recordings and they work fine.  I've asked what was done differently and will post here when I find out.  Thanks for the advice.

This is what the client told me:  "I did a manual conversion just by changing the file extension from wma to mp3 -  that obviously did not work. So I uploaded the files to iTunes which converts to mp3 automatically before exporting them out of iTunes."  

Thanks for sharing your results

It sounds like he saved his files as WMA (windows media audio) files, and simply renamed them so they looked like mp3 files.  Media players that recognize wma files would still be able to play them.

Resaving them as true mp3 files solved the problem.

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