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A camera button is not displayed.

My bottom part of the editing form was cut off and a camera button is not displayed.

Even if it is full screen, that is not displayed.

How can I do to display it ?

What screen dimensions do you have on your monitor? Please give me the diagonal measurement in inches. I have noticed that on a 13 inch Macbook display, the VideoScribe window does not go small enough to have the dock displayed as the dock obscures the bottom of the application window. The dock has to be hidden (if the dock is at the bottom). On a smaller sized monitor I could imagine that even with the dock hidden or to the side (as you have it), the VideoScribe window would not be able to be made small enough to fit on the screen.

OK, I see. My monitor is 11 Inch ;(

Do you have any solution ?

The only solution that I can think of would be to connect an external monitor that has a diagonal size measurement of 13 inches or greater.

I have passed this issue onto our design and development teams. I have requested the ability to view the full application window on smaller displays. It will be reviewed and considered for inclusion in a future release.

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