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publish as PPT, and it disappears?

Hi everyone, I just started using VideoScribe, and now can publish a video in Quicktime mov. However, when I try to Publish (Render) your Video ( upper right button), and choose PPT options, it starts "Creating Video", howevere after a few minutes, when I save the file as name.ppt in a folder, and click save , it just total disappears, and no trace could be found in that designated folder. 

Please help ! What happeneded to that file?

Thank you ! 

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totally disappears * typo . Please help as my deadline is the day after tomorrow *cries*

Hi Viv,

If you have a Pro subscription, you can import the rendered MOV into Powerpoint. The direct Powerpoint rendering just embeds the video on a single slide anyway. We do get reports of this issue occasionally, where the Powerpoint file cannot be found after selecting a save destination. We are, as yet, unaware of what causes this. 

Are you able to try publishing your scribe to YouTube? If successful, you can download your video from YouTube as an MP4 and import into Powerpoint.

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