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SVG import outline/stroke is not lining up

In Illustrator i have a stroke around my entire image, with the underneath being a JPEG. When I import into Videoscribe, the image shifts slightly so the outline is off. 

See attached files. 

How can I fix this?

Hi Zach,

Please could you share the SVG with me so I can take a look? You can either attach it here to this public forum post, or if you would rather not attach it to the forum, open a support ticket and attach it to that.

For sure, it's attached. I am using the latest version of Illustrator CC.

Any luck on this one Matthew? It's still puzzling me...

There seem to be gaps in the image when viewed in Illustrator and these gaps are the same on the image when imported into VideoScribe.

See the attached screenshots. I imported the image into VideoScribe with a 'Default image quality' setting of 3000px.

If the strokes look better in the original AI file than the SVG, Its possible that the line positions are changing slightly when you save the file as an SVG.

For example the "decimal places" option on the SVG save options menu, may output your anchor points more precisely if it is set to 3 decimal places instead of 1.

Thats really just a guess, but it is where I would start looking for the problem.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



I created a new file and re-imported it, seemed to work fine. 

Thanks guys!

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