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how to find a matching hand with eraser

 Hello, for erasing of a picture I want to use the same hand I used for its drawing, but with an eraser. The problem is I can not indicate the hand I used for drawing in the hands inventory. It's just not there. And can not find the matching one with an eraser.

The most annoying thing is that the hands I have tried disappear from the inventory and moved to the "Recently used" section - without indication of the so convenient names of the inventory! So now I do not know which are they! Total mess.

How does anybody keep track of its selections of hands in such a system?

How can I return all the used hands to their inventory compounds? Is there any reset or something?

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If you click on a hand in your 'recently used' a window will appear with a trash can icon. Click this to remove the hand from your recently used and that hand will now appear back in the folder it came from.

I'm also looking for an "eraser hand". Here's what I see. There are no "hand sets". Clicking a hand shows nothing but a sample of the hand in action. WHERE ARE THE OTHER HANDS?


The hand folders are on the left usually, underneath where it says recently used but are clearly missing for you.

If the old IT cliche of turning it off and on again does not bring them back then log a support ticket ( and we can take a closer look at what might me causing this.

This was apparently another glitch in VScribe. After restarting the program the hand folders appeared.

Thanks for the response.

Is there a way to know the name of a drawing hand I am using?  I might like a hand with a pen that is in my recently used, but I don't know what "family" it is in so I can be consistent with the hand if I want to change the pen or have the same hand to use to move an object.  Thanks

Also, Is there a hand under "Rosie" I can use to move?  I'm just looking for one that has a finger pointing.

The default hand isn't in a family, it's just a hand on it's own. If you pick from a folder you then know which one that is and can keep using that person for all the elements of the scribe.

Rosie's move in options are on the second page of hands in her profile.

Good day, please what should one do if the hand options such as joe, rosie, and the likes are not coming up atal.

Thank you!

Raise a ticket to support from your account email address 

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