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Stacking order arrangement on layers tab in illustration....

Hello there,

I want to create a svg in illustrator, that sparkol can draw the image in a proper order. For that reason I want to change the stacking order on the layers panel according to my selections on the canvas. Frankly, selecting one by one with selection tool on canvas and arranging them in an order of my selection (with a tool or command ???) on the layers tab... Any help??? 

Thanks in advance.

if you just have a list of paths without any nested layer folders, videoscribe will start with the bottom path and work its way up to the top path.

if you have paths and layer folders, videoscribe with start with the paths on the outermost layer followed by all layer folders nested 1 layer deep then 2 layers deep etc.

example images with the drawing order numbered in the layers menu:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Dear Mike thank you very much for the information. I really appreciate that coz I learned a lot. 

According to your image on the right; I want to change the order on the layers panel, but "I don't" want to select and drag them one by one. I want to "shift" select the images on the canvas (with the selection tool) and according to my selection order arrange them ("maybe" with a right click and "arrange")... Can't do it in that way. Is there a way to do that??? I need it because, think that there are lots of items on the canvas and I want to arrange them for videoscribe to draw the svg in proper order like; first circles from left to right than squares from left to right than a triangle than the waves from top to bottom. Frankly, looking for a short and smart way to arrange items on the layers panel...

Thanks again..

Any paths that you select (with the lasso tool or selection arrow or whatever) on the illustrator canvas, will be highlighted in the layers menu. You can then use shift or ctrl to select the paths in the layers menu and move them all at the same time if you wish.

If the highlighted layers are all grouped together, you can click the top one and then shift-click the bottom one to select them all, I think (I dont have illustrator in front of me at the moment).

If the highlighted layers are not all grouped together, I think you have to ctrl-click each one to get them all selected I think.

But if you have  a bunch of paths that are all in the wrong drawing order, you will still need to drag each layer individually to reorder them.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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