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Bugs in the timeline

Just dropping a few bugs for the developers to work on:

- when the window of every item is open and I want to go to the next item using the arrow, that arrow doesn't work.

- The details window (the one where you can delete the drawing or start the video from that particular item) bothers so much because it enters the canva and cover particular items in the canva. Also, when scrolling the time line and reselecting an item, the window remain at the end of the timeline. I would suggest to go back to the old view of the timeline. It was so much better.

Hope it's helpful. Videoscribe is a great software, but these bugs irritate people.

Hi Devid,

Thanks for your feedback. I have passed it onto our developers.

Regarding the issue where the arrow to move to the next item doesn't work; does it not work at all or does it work sometimes and not others? Has it ever worked for you? What happens when you click the arrow, does the button just not respond? If you create a new scribe and add 2 images are you able to move between them using the arrows?

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