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Image Quality

 VideoScribe is great, but I (and lots of others in the topics) see one big problem, which just is not necessary on version number 3: The bad image quality in many cases!

I am a programmer, too - and suggest the following approach:
- When inserting an SVG image, a default image quality is calculated (as it is now).
- Every time, an image changes it's size or the zoom factor is changed, you remember that image (as a potential candidate for re-calculation)
- When viewing the preview, all these remembered images are calculated newly before the preview-video starts: With the exact needed size depending on zoom and size in the scene.
- Perhaps this can be optimized by a separat background task to calculate when memory is free and not only when the preview is started
- You could add a setting to disable the automatic calculation and enable a button to re-calculate all images.

=> Should be possible in a few days by one person... so please add it to the next version, I have seven videos to render with many image quality problems... (yes, I know the workarounds from the other topics, but it is not possible in all cases)

Best regards,

Hi Ingmar,

Please note that you can adjust the Image Quality via User Preferences on the project selection screen.

This was limited in previous versions of version 3 but has been restored to the maximum value of 4000px.

I also suggest this Instant Answer on optimising images here.

If there are any particular images that you're having trouble with, please raise a ticket and attach the image so we can assist you further.

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