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imported image become black when using moph

During any morph animation in videoscribe, all stroked paths will appear black and 100% opaque. All filled paths will become transparent.

Your SVG image contains filled paths that become transparent during the morph, and transparent strokes that appear black and 100% opaque during the morph animation.

If you wish to use morph, it works best with SVGs that are composed only of visible black stroked paths, with no filled paths.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Dear Mike,

after stroked paths, cannot see the motion during morph, look like suddenly pop-up the image......

any problem for my image?

-Li Yien

test.wmv test.wmv
6.14 MB
Thank you for attaching the video. The first image (cloud) works correctly because it is made of stroked paths. I think the second image (restroom) is made of filled paths instead of stroked paths.

Maybe you used some type of automatic tracing option to convert a bitmap image to filled paths.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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