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Using Inkscape to layer an image for multiple hands in videoscribe

Please help me Using Inkscape to layer an image for multiple hands in videoscribe.


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The tutorial you linked explains how to divide a single color image into multiple SVGs that can be re assembled in videoscribe. After you import all of the SVGs into videoscribe, you could assign a different hand to each SVG if you want to (for example if you have a hand with a black pen, a hand with a yellow pen, one with a red pen, etc). Was there a step in the tutorial that you did not understand?

(If you want multiple hands drawing at the same time, that cannot currently be done in videoscribe, or by making an SVG a certain way.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Could any of you please guide that how it can be done in illustrator.

I need 


The instructions are the same in illustrator. Just use the same tools.

additional threads describing how to make multiple images align when imported:

additional thread about making SVGs that draw well in videoscribe:

additional thread about color fills:

I would suggest that you try it with a simple image like a smiley face first, until you understand how everything works, then try more complex images. For example make one SVG that has the black line art for a smiley face, and make a separate image that has the black line art and the yellow color fills.

If you have trouble, attach the SVGs

-Mike (videoscribe user)

HI, Mike Metcalf

I have done it in illustrator but the problem comes when I import stroke and color fill files into videoscribe it doesn't look reasonable as it does in Illustrator, because I have to import stroke file first then fill in order to make it natural drawing and coloring video.

so how to overcome this problem.

I am also attaching both the illustrator and videoscribe files.

Did you make SVG files?

Please attach the SVG files

yes of course 

apple.svg apple.svg
13.4 KB


You need to save the outline of the image and the fill as separate SVG images. You would need to add a transparent reveal stroke over the fill for it to be coloured in by the hand. See Fill an image with colour using the hand.

Matthew Cook,

I do save the outline and fill stroke separately so that's why it looks odd in videoscribe but in illustrator looks perfect.

in this thread, I have attached both the videoscribe and illustrator file.

but as you have demonstrated in your answer that "You would need to add a transparent reveal stroke over the fill " please guide me how to do that.

If you could make the video tutorial on the above discussion it would be amazing.

thank you

The instructions for adding a transparent path over the fill are outlined in the article Fill an image with colour using the hand. The instructions show how to do it in Inkscape but the same principles also apply to Adobe Illustrator.

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