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heavy sizes of rendered video scribe output

I, I'm new to using video scribe, I always have this problem of heavy sizes of rendered video scribe output when I set it to AVI, 1080p, 50 frame. The output became large that my clients will find it difficult to use due to heavy file size. I tried compressing the video using some compression apps but to my dismay, the result from the compression will be so bad to be called a "full HD 1080p video". Please, I really need help to put a lasting solution to this mess and I hope to learn how to successfully have a full HD 1080p video with smaller video size Thanks in anticipation.

Outputting with 50 frames per second of video is going to double the file size of a standard 25 FPS output for a start. You will be able to halve the size of the video straight away by reducing the frame rate to 25. As a Pro subscriber, you also have the option to render your scribes via our remote video rendering and hosting service You can download your scribe video from in MP4 format at 1080 with 25fps and this will give you the smallest file size possible out of all of the rendering options.

For instructions on how to render via see Render and share scribes.

Thank you.

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