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How would I end the scribe on a scene?


I understand how the canvas works.

What I'd like to do is create a scribe on the entire canvas, but I want the last scene to just stick on my last images.

So, what I want to do is finish the scribe with my name, contact information, logo, and branding.

But when I finish the Scribe, the entire canvas shows up.

How could I make it just stick to my last images?

Am I making sense? :)  Thank you!


When you preview/play your scribe you will see a checkbox in the bottom right 'Zoom at end?'. Uncheck this and the camera will remain on the final element instead of zooming out.

(note: In addition to what was posted above, I believe that in a few versions of videoscribe 3.x.x, the "zoom at end" setting is only available on the popup window that appears after you click the "download or publish scribe video" icon.)


Thanks Mike, yes, all versions of 3.0.2 only include the 'Zoom at end?' checkbox on the render screen. In 3.0.3 it is in both locations.


N.B. If you are using any version of 3.0.2, I would recommend upgrading to 3.0.3 which can be downloaded by clicking the 'Download' button on your account page.

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