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Tawe is back!

Recently we announced the removal of the Tawe mobile app from the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores and followed that with the removal of the desktop product from the Sparkol subscription as well. 


We have been monitoring this decision closely as any sensible company would as well as listening to customer feedback. Tawe supporters will be pleased to know that we are not too proud to admit when we have made a mistake and it turns out this powerful app still has a lot to offer! 


Therefore with immediate effect Tawe desktop back in the Sparkol subscription and any subscription purchased while Tawe was away has been automatically updated to have access to the product. Furthermore, the Tawe mobile app can also be downloaded onto your iOS devices again. 


To download Tawe for your desktop computer visit and to unlock it’s full power purchase a Sparkol subscription.

For those who prefer to use Tawe on your tablet or smartphone visit our Apple iTunes store to download the app.


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