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is there an undo/redo function?

is there an undo/redo function?

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Hi Shirley,

Ctrl+Z on Windows and CMD+Z on Mac will undo resize and rotate actions.

Ctrl+Y on Windows and CMD+Y on Mac will redo resize and rotate actions.

What about undoing moving objects?!!!

Seems ridiculous that if we move an object we can't undo that and the camera position is no longer focused on the item.

you can't seriously NOT have an undo redo functionality built in???

Yes, the undo/redo functionality needs a lot of improving and has been needed for a long time. I'm not sure why no work has been done on this; it may be that it's proving to be more difficult than it first looks. I have raised the issue again with the VideoScribe project manager so it will be on their radar when they're deciding on what to work on next.

I pressed cut for deleting one text box but my entire video got deleted. It was of 2 minutes long and I had spent 3 days building that video. Please help me to recover that. My client is waiting for the video. Please help me out. 

Hi Vishwas- please raise a support ticket so we can assist further

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