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Request: properties copy/paste

Copy / Paste properties, both in canvas and inside image properties dialog

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Hi GF,

Thanks for your feedback.

I have passed this onto our design and development teams for future consideration.

Yes, please.

So at the moment, the best way to do this would be to copy/paste an element (text or image) that has the properties you need on your timeline. 

You can then go into the image or text properties of the duplicate element and change the text or image and it will retain the copied settings. 

Excuse the lack of professional finish to this but I did a quick video to demo this -

Thanks, Barry. Good suggestion. Now, if I could just do that for 20 elements at once.

 I see that this feature is still not available --- how I can copy properties from one object and paste it to other objects. The original help request for this was way back in 2017. This would be very very helpful. Right now I find that the timings for the objects is too slow (drawing, pause, transition) and I have to manually go and change for each object. Copying and pasting properties would make this a breeze. This is standard functionality in word processing software (Powerpoint, Google Slides, etc.) as I am sure you know.

Thank you in advance,

Saurabh Bagchi

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