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Request: mouse status when exporting

Export should change mouse icon to wait since "save" button is clicked... otherwise, logic mixes with the save scribe button... Besides, I'm not sure

if closing save dialog after exporting is a better option: I mean, export WITHOUT saving FIRST? very, very odd gui!

Yes, publishing/rendering your scribe as a video is different from saving your scribe as a project. I guess you can think of publishing/rendering as like printing a word document, you can print a document without saving it. You should always save your project as publishing/rendering will not save it. See Save scribes on your computer and online and Render and share scribes.

hi Matthew,

After a while, I "adapted", but borg's approach is a problem for newbies, mainly in the trial period... IMHO, problem is fuzzy dialog logic.

I will note this with our developers. Who is Borg by the way?

hi Matthew,

Sorry, it's a trekkie joke... the Borg was a collective of drones that "assimilated" other species to expand themselves.

Their mottos are "resistence is futil" & "you'll adapt"... I hope this clarifies the joke :)

Thanks. My Google search did return information about the Borg's from Star Trek, I should have been able to piece the joke together myself! Sorry that you had to explain!

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