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Request: honor standards

You should honor long time standards because that way your sofware is "intuitive"... for example, light gray means disabled, you should

change several marks and your left/centered/right align icons to black (meaning available) & blue (meaning selected) instead black & light gray

Hi GF,

Would you be able to post some screenshots to illustrate what you mean? 

I'm not sure what you mean by 'change several marks' and also which icon do you mean by 'left/centered/right align icons'? Some screenshots should clear things up.


in standard GUIs, your text alignment buttons colors means: the only available option is centered alignment, as light gray means "disabled option"...
In your tabs, you're saying all but EDIT TEXT are UNAVAILABLE
In text and font objects, messages are mixed: as the text is dark, it should be available, but as the mark is light gray, it should be "disabled"... strange until some random clicks reveals the truth

Again, after a while, I adapted, but fuzzy GUIs are a money problem in the long run

Funny milenials... my daughter started using Win8, and lol at me A LOT because I complained a lot about GUI changes after using Win7 for several years... hah! UNTIL she REALLY HATED the Win10 interface!!! where she can't find anything at first sight... ha, ha, ha... "new" designs are ok, but standards are VERY useful for both loyals and newbies... and that means money

Thanks for that. I can clearly see what you mean and I have reported your concerns to our design and development teams.

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