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Newbie request: Enhance your tutorials & documentation



I've been using VideoScribe for a couple of weeks and after doing three 4-minutes long videos, I've the following suggestions.


First of all, I beg you to increase your basic tutorials & documentation.

Take a normal guy (not a designer) who doesn't know anything of videoscribe nor prezi, maybe just a basic power point, then record your

training until he makes very good presentations... then use those videos to create tutorials for videoscribe newbies.

Start with things as basic as what the heck both curves & the slash means and that slide position in canvas means transition trajectory...

or what does the big brother grey eye right to the cameras means

I learned the hard way and I'm pretty sure I'm not using full throttle yet


I'll be posting my other request one topic at once to allow being upvoted individually




Hi Cesar

Thanks for your feedback. We are continuously reviewing and enhancing our tutorials and help articles and we will take your comments into consideration next time the relevant help articles and videos are due for review.

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