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Sort scribes and folders for better overview

Big wish for future updates: The possibility to sort scribes and folders alphabetically or in other way i can control.

The actual way of sorting by date is not helpful in bigger projects, when i have to create and export lots of different scenes that are not produced in chronological order.

And: If i save a scribe in a certain subfolder, it should not stay in the base folder. As i have to do my actual work in the base folder (i.e. for copying scribes), i'd like to have it clean and free from scenes i do not need for now.

Anyway, the new Version 3 runs a lot smoother, so that's really great!

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Hi Dörte,

Thanks for your feedback and comments. I have passed them onto our design and development teams and they will be considered for inclusion in a future release of VideoScribe.

Just to add to Matt's comments here. You do have an option to order alphabetically as well within the local scribes folder. It's a drop down in the top right.


We are very much aware that the Local Scribes folder shows all scribes as well and this is already highlighted and in the backlog of corrections that are needed, we will be putting a fix for this into a future release.

 oh, didn't see that. great, thanks!

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