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Realizar pago con tarjeta

Hola, he realizado: Usted está comprando una suscripción a Sparkol 

en un plan de pago mensual


Hoy se le cobrará:

€ 24.20 (€ 20.00 + € 4.20 IVA)

La página web, se quedó colgada y no he recibido nada a mi correo.

Por favor pueden ayudarme, quiero activarlo hoy.


Hi Annais

Sorry for the delay.

I see that you have purchased the subscription and logged into the software since posting this. If you need any further support, let us know.

Hi, I have a question, I made the annual payment on 06/22/2017, but it appears as if I did not have a payment for the year, and I want to know why, even when I download it, I see the watermark in the presentations I make.

Hi Liliana,

I've opened a support ticket for you regarding this and sent a reply. Please check your email for further information.

Buenos días, 

Cada mes nos cobran 24,20 €. Pero no tenemos activada las suscripción. Nos gustaría cancelarla y no nos aparece el link para hacerlo. 

Hi Manuel,

I have responded to your support ticket regarding this. please check you email for further information.

No tengo suscripciones activas y recibo un cargo cada poco sin que yo haya comprado nada. Quiero desactivar esos pagos automáticos y que dejen de estafarme.
Me cobran sin utilizar la aplicación y no tengo ninguna suscripción activa. Quiero eliminar cualquier relación con esta aplicación


I purchased the annual plan, but still can't download a video without the videoscribe mark in background. I want to know when the subscription begins.

Close VideoScribe and sign back in with your Pro account so it registers that you've upgraded. Then render your scribe. 


I did what tou tell me but nothing change.

i have reinstalled the software and still appear the same when submit with my pro account. 


Help me please

Have you signed in passed this point? When you are on the software, does it allow you to publish to If so, you're on the Pro version. 

If you cannot, Please raise a support ticket

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