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Disappointing .png quality


I'm creating a course using Camtasia, where I am creating a training video by combining Videoscribe .mov files and PowToon .mp4 animation files.

I have a number of graphics, where I took a screenshot of a PowerPoint element, and saved as a .png.

In PowerPoint, Snagit (to get the screenshot), and PowToon, the images look fine at Full HD/Full Screen, but in Videoscribe they look "fuzzy".

I have tried everything that I know to resolve, using things like the Snagit "Sharpen" filter, but nothing helps. 

It just seems that I cannot pull .png images into Videoscribe and render at high resolution.

Any ideas to keep them lovely and crisp, (an example is below).




what is the width and height of your png in pixels
what is the current default quality setting in videoscribe

try 1920x1080 pixels
try 2000 image quality

-Mike (videoscribe user)


OK - how do you set the image quality in Videoscribe? 

Looks like I may have missed something! 


OK - found it, but only appears to go to 1200, and you mentioned 2000.

I'm still using an older version that goes up to 4000

Maybe there is a bug in the newer version or maybe they lowered the max value.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Videoscribe - can you confirm either way please?

Bug, or reduced values?


I can confirm that VideoScribe 3.0.3 has been released and the image import quality goes to 4000px in that version. You can download 3.0.3 by clicking the download button on your account page. See also Improve image quality.

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