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Can't set Image Quality higher than 1200px


In the new version 3.0.2 (mac) i can't set the Image Quality any higher than the default setting at 1200px. I really need the highest setting at 4000px, so any help is much appreciated.

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This is very critical. The end video is unusable without the highest setting. 1200 is still very blurry. I'm using 3.9.2-7 pc


The only way you would be able to increase the image quality in VideoScribe any further would be to revert to the previous version (2.3.7). The import quality setting goes up to 4000px in that version and was restricted in the later version as many images imported at the higher resolution were causing the software to crash.

I can confirm that our developers have increased the maximum image import quality back to 4000px in the next release of version 3. I will let you know when this is available. We are hoping for a release this week.

To go back to the previous version you will first need to uninstall 3.0.2 (this will not affect any of your saved work). Once you have done this, the 2.3.7 installer file can be downloaded from here: (Win) (Mac)

Matthew - could you please confirm when the new release will be available? I also have this issue/requirement, and I do not particularly want to go back a version if the new 4000px functionality is imminent.

Many thanks


I can confirm that VideoScribe 3.0.3 has been released and the image import quality goes to 4000px in that version. You can download 3.0.3 by clicking the download button on your account page.

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