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Support for UNICODE characters

Hello Sparkol Video Scribe communities and developers, on the font editor dialog box i can write my Unicode characters. But after that it is not shown on the canvas. I am writing in Amharic language which is a UNICODE character set. I hope you are gonna include it sooner in your coming up version updates! Besides, scribing using SVG was tiresome!

So VideoScribe does use Unicode for the current alphabets that it supports, but we haven't yet added Amharic to the list of supported languages (although it isn't just a matter of adding it to a list for it to be supported). I've added this to our developer's list of alphabets to be supported in the future.

In the meantime see the article Write with non-Western text characters for a list of supported alphabets and what to do if the alphabet you would like to use is not currently supported.

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