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Using premium content between projects


After I purchased the premium contents or pictures, can I used them again and again between projects?


You can use them in any scribe project while you have a subscription.

Oh nice, thank you very much for your response. Now, I can start purchasing premium pictures and using them in my projects.

I've purchased a few now, but they don't come up in my search results as 'bought' when I search for them again. I looked up why this is and the guide said I either need to look in my 'recently used' or go to a scribe that has the premium image, copy it from there and then paste it into the new scribe. Surely there is an easier option than that? Is there no way that the images you have bought are marked as such? If I am buying quite a few images for a bunch of different scribes, I may forget that I've bought that image before if I'm using it a few months later and will end up paying for it again because there is no prompt to say you have bought this image already. 

Based on previous threads, I don't think Sparkol keeps track of, or flags, your purchased images in any way that is visible to the user.

Ideally I think videoscribe could add a new folder titled "purchased Images" under "recently Used" and "recommended Images" in the image library menu.  Also it could flag the images as "already purchased" on the individual image preview screen. I do not know if Sparkol keeps a database of purchased images per user that could be used to implement those new features.

You could check if there is a feature request thread for something like this, or you could create one (and categorize it as a suggestion/feature request instead of a question).

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks, Mike. I'll do that.

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