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Suggestions from users about the new version

I gotta say something bcause you guys changed many things and while I can now be faster on some things, you actually slowed me down a lot by adding features like: 

- the little window that appears on top of every item in the timeline: this doesn't work. Many times I have to scroll the timeline to be able to open that window and it's just worse than the old one, which was much faster to handle.

- The icons in the timeline are now words and much less easy to get when you are working fast to change the time for each item.

- Once you choose a font, you have to re-select it everytime you create some text which is annoying. If I started with a font at the beginning, it should be repeated automatically all along the scribe.

- Image search sucks. I used to find images much faster than now and I can't actually find what I used to find for the same keyword, which I don't understand why it's happening. I do not want the sparkol images. They are too expensive and I can hire a guy from pakistan who does a better job for cents. Why don't you just upload your bundle images to the software or make it cheaper, instead of trying to push me to but the images inside videoscribe? Thank god I purchased a image pack a year ago for 150 $ and I am now using that, instead of the videoscribe images, which take long time to load and they don't even have a face on them. You guys should really get it togheter on that. 

- When I copy and paste an image just to duplicate it, the canva goes back to full screen zoom. Who knows why? bah

- As always, I would love to know who is using the hand that put stuff in the canva from the "move" area. That hand is so ugly. Much better just the png image getting in the canvas by itself (my taste). You guys should make a setting panel at the beginning of videoscribe, so users can choose this kind of settings to at the beginning for all their scribes.

- Last but not list: since you have a grid all around the canva, why didn't you put the freaking numbers so people would actually use it, instead of counting the number of sections before I can insert a line to be followed for the structure of the scene in the canva. I feel like an idiot when I am there trying to count because I can't see where is the middle of the canva. 

Videoscribe is a great software, you can really make it amazing, but you need to follow the directions of the people who are using it since the meginning (me) and they actually made hundreads of videos with it. This is my source of work and I would love to keep creating cool stuff with videoscribe, but only if it will grow to be faster, easier and more complete. 

This are my 2 cents consideration. I know developping a software is not easy, so don't judge me for the considerations. These are some of the most important user experience feedbac you could ever receive. I hope it helps. 

Than you

Devid Venara

Hi Devid

Thanks for your feedback on version 3 of VideoScribe. We are taking all feedback into consideration when improving the product, so this is very helpful.

We have had a few similar comments about the menu that appears for elements in the timeline/on the canvas. We have currently managed to get the menu smaller than it was and will be replacing the text 'Play from current element' with a play button symbol to make it more compact.

The issue with the font always reverting to 'Basic' every time you add new text is logged with our developers for fixing.

We have changed the tagging of images and some search words that found images previously may not still find those same images. If you have any examples of search terms that obviously should return particular images but don't, please let me know.

The copy and paste bug, where the camera moves to fit all into view after pasting is logged with our developers for fixing.

You can set the default hand for the whole scribe to be 'No hand'. Just click the hand icon in the top menu bar (when your scribe is loaded/have started a new scribe) and choose the 'No hand' option. All elements you add to the canvas after making the change will not have a hand draw or move them.

Regarding numbering the grid, I have passed this onto our design and development teams for future consideration.

We have released VideoScribe version 3.2.0 where the popup menu has been removed and menu items have been added to the timeline thumbnail.

Download version 3.2.0 from your account page. |  View Release Notes for v3.2.

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