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Background color not showing through the "INTERIOR CUTOUTS" in a PNG image.

I am building a scribe using some PNG images. For those images that have "interior cutouts" -- ie transparent areas within the entire image, the chosen background color does not show through. The chosen paper pattern does but not the color.  Illustrative example: A donut -- the donut surround is transparent and the donut hole is transparent. The surround has the pattern and color of the background of the scribe. The donut hole shows the background pattern but NOT the color.   How do I fix this?

1) What version of videoscribe?
2) Attach your donut here for inspection please.

Texture is an overlay its is on top of everything as opposed to showing through

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike, VS version 3.0.2-10PC(Windows) PRO. Purchased it on Friday so I am a new user and my question probably has a simple answer!  I am attaching two files both png. The first is of a plant and that is fine -- the background color shows right up to the individual leaves. The second file is also a png but the interior transparent parts do not let "background color", that I chose, through. I cannot determine what the difference is. Thanks for any help.



The pill bottle does not have any interior transparent parts. And I'll assume your donut does not either. Attach it if you want someone to examine it.

You just need to fix your png I think.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks I rechecked my png and you are correct -- they are not as they should be. Some I can fix - some I cannot. Thanks for all your help.


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