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No puedo pagar mi suscripción


No puedo pagar mi suscripción ni con paypal ni con mi tarjeta de crédito, aparece "Order confirmation failed" y no puedo avanzaren la compra.

¿Podrían ayudarme? 

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Looks like you got your payment through in the end, glad you managed to get this sorted!

I'm having the same problem... help


The first thing to try is to contact your card provider. Most failed payments are due to blocks from the card provider, possibly there is a block on international transactions or there may be some other reason.

Não consigo realizar a comprar. Aparece a seguinte mensagem " Unfortunately your transaction has not been successful, please contact our sales team for assistance"

Meu cartão é mastercard

We cannot cover payment issues on the forum as they discuss private account data so I'm going to close this thread. If you are having a payment issue please raise a personal support ticket rather than posting on the public forums.

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