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Remove login from software for students


To whom it may concern, We recently purchased VideoScribe from a supplier of yours called MicroMail, with a subscription number: (can supply Privately) What we were hoping to do was install the software for our students under an administrator account and when they were to logon to the machine under their student account that they would have been able to run the program on their desktop and it would automatically launch. However whet the package is doing is opening and then requesting a username and password which if we give out will mean any student anywhere will be able to use the software at anytime both on and off campus. Is there a way that this can be prevented in the form of being able to run the software as a package install, to negate the username and password and will allow the software to run when the student clicks on the package icon, resulting in it pulling one of the 60 licences we bought from a central base. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Damian Daly Senior Technical Officer University of Limerick, Ireland

It might be a good idea to raise a ticket to contact customer support more directly.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Adrian, VideoScribe does not use a licence key it uses the account the subscription is assigned to to verify access. This is precisely because most of our customers want to use VideoScribe on multiple computers and it makes it easy top do so.

There is a 'remember me' option so as long as the students are using the same computer profile you can pre-load the username and password for VideoScribe but if they all have their own Windows Account this would not work and you would either need to get the teachers to log them in at the start of a lesson or distribute the passwords to the students that need them.

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