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voice over cutting of at the begining

hi, i've tried a thousand times to record my voice over - but's it's cutting off at the beginning. 

When i finish recording, it seems all in in terms of time. but after i save the voice over, it reduces the time. 

ex. recorded 5.54 min, after saved, it only recognized 5.24 - and it's taking out the from the beginning. 

Heeeelp - i can't stand recording the same speech again. 

I can't really guess the cause without watching you and the computer during the recording process, but the built in audio recorder is so limited that it should only be used as a last resort. You should probably download audacity and the LAME(mp3) plugin for free, and install them both, and use Audacity (or any other audio program you like) for all of your audio recording. You can save and edit the audio as much as you want then import it into videoscribe as an mp3.

You can find links to those tools in this sparkol blog:


-Mike (videoscribe user)

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