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VS 3.0.2007 Bugs

Im experiencing difficulties in 2 fields so far on the new version of videoscribe. I currently run VS 3.0.2007.

1) Adding a voiceover is impossible through the voiceover button, it opens 2 blank tabs with nothing to select other than a close window button. I you want to add a voiceover you have to add it through the music feature.

2) I cannot export my videoscribe as a .scribe file. Upon clicking the save button and then to export or download, the 'export or download' button takes me nowhere. Like a dead link.

These are the only 2 issues i have come across so far. VS3 is great though!

to add to that:

3) the 'save changes and move to next element' button neither saves the changes or moves to the next element. It does nothing.


Hi Nick,

Your query has been raised as a support ticket.

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