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Displeased with the new layout

I am very displeased with the new layout! You made a nice looking interface and messed almost every function!

Where to start?

1. All the fonts are too small and you can't read anything!

2. All the pictures in the gallery are too small and you must get too close to the screen to see them and choose.

3. Sometimes for no reason the music doesn't play at all

4. In image properties and text you have to go back and forth, if you want to change the time,color and other properties. This is not time efficient. The previous layout had some properties together and it was much faster this way. 

This new layout is very cumbersome and i dont think i will renew my subscription if some things dont change...

Hello Niki, sorry you don't like the new design! I'll make sure you feedback is passed onto the product and design teams. 

Just to provide a little more detail to help us understand your thoughts in more detail.

1 - Are you specifically talking about the fonts in the Import fonts area or are you just talking about the text we have in the applications? Some screenshots of the specific things you would find useful in a larger text would be great.

2 - The image preview sizes have not really changes between the 2 versions and you can right click and preview any of them to see more detail. Would you rather see less images and bigger thumbnails though?



3 - OK well if that's happening that's not a design issue that's a technical issue. If you could save your scribe online and share with us what it's called I will have a look and see if I can find out what's going on there for you

4 - We reinstated the ability to move between elements within the properties screen in the latest release (v3.0.2-10 on 18th October) which is what I think you are referring to so a update to the latest version should sort that. If you are referring to something else and I have got the wrong idea here please let me know.


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