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Format painting....

I would LOVE to have a "hand format painter" option...

Sometimes I want to play around with/alter a hand option, and want just to apply it to ALL, (for example...) extra large font text. Or, for example, change all "spoken" text to red.

At the moment it's impossible to do simply, not withstanding it's almost impossible to find out what hand you used to create something. It would be REALLY good to make some of these features more obvious, like the ability to show WHICH hand you were using, (or at least tell me the character I chose!)

Anyway - more general "format copy and paint" abilities please.

Thanks for listening.


Thanks for the feedback. We do have the hand option on the top toolbar which will change the default hand used on that scribe. You then get that hand on all elements unless you specifically change them for a single element on the timeline. 

But yes there is work that can be done around making it clear in the properties which hand is being used and also labelling the hands in recently used so you can see which profile they have come from. I'll make sure the product and development teams are aware of this feedback.

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