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New version - fonts

Following the recent upgrade, is there a way to see the font PRIOR to choosing it for text?

I often want to choose the font "on the fly", and there's no font differentiation when come to choosing them.


When you manage fonts in VideoScribe each on the available font options to import will be written in their own style to allow you to see a sample of each of the fonts


Hi...yes I get that, but that's not at the point when you actually NEED to see it, which is at the point you actually write the words. I may think "I know, I'll use such and such a font", and start writing the text, but then look at it and go..."" Change the font". That's the way IMHO that creativity works, you sometimes/(often?) choose on the fly.

Hello Bruce,

Ok that makes sense. The answer to that one is no though i'm afraid. No significant changes were made to the functionality of fonts between v2.3.7 and v3 and as far as I am aware you have never been able to do this in VideoScribe. 

I have flipped this forum from the Question and Answers section to the Feature Request section. If other customers show an interest too it may be something we consider implementing in the future.



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