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What is the memory cap of v3?

Dear Team,

On another recent post someone mentioned that v3 comes with increased memory.

Is this true, and if so, what is the size of the increase? 




Short answer is... there isn't one

Long answer is.. 

Historically the memory cap from VideoScribe has come from Adobe Air as this limits the amount of RAM a application can use and we use Adobe Air to package VideoScribe. This was a fairly hard and fast 1.5GB = issues and 1.7GB = no chance limit. The work we have done has removed this however it doesn't stop there being issues and crashes but it's can vary from scribe to scribe rather than being strictly limited to a specific memory usage point. It's still best practice to Optimise you images and work in a way to minimise RAM usage but you do have more flexibility than with v2. 

I appreciate that this is possibly not the specific answer you were looking for but with the tests we have done other issues beside a RAM limit have been the most common crash cause now.

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