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New Version 3 not accompanied with full details of upgrade

An odd way to launch a new version for existing users. In the email and online article there are four fairly general bulletpoints outlining the new changes. Are existing users expected to simply stumble across the improvements and new functionality as we build videos? Can you please layout all the changes, so that we can actively try them out and make the most of the new version? On the other hand, it appears to be a more attractive interface. Two requests for future upgrades: 1. sound effects. A major request from clients, and a major pain to integrate in voiceover files with other software in the workaround - especially when the client inevitably wants small changes made. 2. the ability to group a series of images so that they can easily be moved or copied to other parts of a video (and even better, used in other videos). Thanks!

Hello Karl, 

So the 4 bullet points are:

  • An improved user experience and slick UI - This is by far the biggest change. We have worked hard to try and make the product easier to use from day 1 and move features around to ensure they are where you would naturally expect them to be. Our getting started video takes you though where all the main buttons are in the new version - Getting Started with VideoScribe v3

  • Enhanced search - So some of this is under the hood. Every image is tagged with key words to help you search and we have looked at what the most common search terms are compared that with the tags and added/amended a lot of tags so things appear more consistently. Above the hood we have added facets so if you search 'people' for example you can tick a box to narrow down your image options.


  • Intelligent image recommendations - Based on your searches you now have a Recommended images folder when you are in the add an image area


  • Smoother performance - This is all under the hood changes that just improve performance overall. 

In terms of your feature requests I can see you have commented on the Sound Effects post but if you linke the original post that counts as a vote and the most popular ones are always discussed by the product team when deciding what to do next.

As for moving groups of images if you group select on the timeline then shortcut keys of copy/paste will create copies of those images and paste them either in the same project or between projects as the clipboard is kept when you move between projects. 

Hope that helps!

Barry, thanks so much for your reply. This level of detail is very helpful for us regular users. If it had been posted already, and I missed it, my apologies. The old search capabilities were a bit clunky when I did use them (I mostly create my own images) so this seems to be a significant upgrade. 

Per the grouping of objects, sometimes this works, sometimes not so well. I've done it before where it has reversed all the items within the grouping, or grabbed some but not all. Perhaps it now works more effectively.

Regarding sound effects, I am pretty certain that beginners aren't aware of its potential usefulness, or that would be more popular. Not sure what happened the first go around with that functionality, but I hope it receives attention again soon.


Karl Wimer

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