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Version number


Would be great if you would display VideoScribe version number on your download page. 

At the moment I have to go through the hassle of downloading regularly to see if there is a later version available, just to find out that I have already have the latest installed.

Please note that the downloaded file is not tagged with version number, so you cant just click on it and find out. And nowhere else in support or download page is the latest version number readily displayed. At least what I have found.

So please make this adjustment and I will stay happy customer.


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Thanks Carl, idea noted and I like it. I'll pass it up to our web team

This is really needed. There's no automatic update and we can't find if there's a newer version than is installed.



It's ridiculous that there's nowhere one can look to find what the newest version number is! And, unless I'm missing something, this should be a two-second "fix" for the web team....just put the version number on the download page!

It should also be in the file name of the installer, in my opinion.


Hey Laura, we will post a new blog on with release notes when new versions are available so if you want somewhere quick to check then bookmark that link.

You're right it's only a quick change but we have a whole host of work lined up for our web team and it's prioritised and they are working on it as quickly as they can. This is logged in the backlog and we will restore the version number next to the download button.

Hello Guys, we have fixed this today. You can now see the version number below the download button and this will link to details of what's included in the release as well. We also have links to the release notes for the 2 most significant previous updates to the side.

Great - thanks, Barry!!

Perfect! Thanks!

Really great, thanks.

That looks great!


No problem at all.

Save you looking v3.0.6 has just been released in the last few minutes.

Just to make things even easier you'll now notice that there are download links for older versions available too!

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