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lost my scribes

 I had a Videoscribe-license sometime ago, didn't use it for a time (licence was not renewed) and have now a Videoscribe-licence again.

Unfortunately, i do not see my old scribes. Could it be because I uses another emailadress?? Is it possible to regain my old scribes when I now the old emailadress....???? I REALLY HOPE SO!!

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According to what I have read:

1) If you saved projects locally on your computer, they can be accessed by any account that logs in on that computer.

2) If you saved projects online then you have to use the same email and password to find them.

3) If you saved projects locally on one computer, you cannot see them on any other computer.

4) if you reformatted your hard drive or used any disk cleanup software, the scribe might be deleted.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

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