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I had to reinstall videoscribe. I do not like the new version. Can I download the old version somewhere?

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Hi Toni,

We would be interested to hear your thoughts about version 3.0 and what you didn't like about it (and if there was anything you did like). Please be honest as your feedback can be used to improve the software.

I just got used to the old version. That's all.

I just got used to the old version. That's all.

I'm having problems to add images to the new version! That's a BIG problem!!! And my PC is a Dell Gamer (windows)

Hi Albano,

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue.

What happens when you try to add an image? Does the add image window appear or is the add image button not responsive when clicked?

Does it work after restarting VideoScribe and/or your computer?

Hi Matthew,

The image button wasn't working. To fix that I tried a lot of thing, including restarting VideoScribe. I fixed when I exclude the Documents and Library folders from C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\VideoScribeDesktop\Local Store and start VideoScribe again. I hope this will help other!


I think there are serious design issues in latest videoscribe 3.0.1-10 PC

check this screenshot. How can I click on Plus button to increase the object draw time? 

Secondly, accessing "Image Property" was way easier in earlier old layout. (with a single click)

In the latest version, every time when click on the object on timeline brings a context menu which is annoying. This menu should appear on clicking the "Right click" 

And "Image Property" button should be restored.

Third thing..

No new keyboard shortcuts. No Shortcuts for adding text, importing images etc etc.

There should be drag and drop import too.

Fourth thing...

when I copy any object by Ctrl+C and paste by Ctrl+V ... it zooms out the entire scribe.

There are so many flaws in your release. 

Though I've raised these issues with the support and they replied back and ticket is closed. But when I saw this post I thought to post again here. Thanks

Please upgrade to version 3.0.3 of VideoScribe as many things have been fixed in this new version that was release last week (15 Nov, 2017). The latest version is available by clicking 'Download' button on your account page.

I am afraid to install it. Can you tell us its change log? what bugs have been fixed?

I have upgraded but still has one bug: Multiple selection works on an off. Sometimes it stops working while I am just working in the scribe, other times it works fine, then I leave the scribe and upon my return it no longer works. So I like version 3, but the bugs are highly frustrating as multiple select is essential for working effectively and fast.

My major issue with the new version is the lack of font preview, like the previous version had.

Again, as per the other forum... Thanks for the feedback Fernando, you are right the new drop-down selector in v3 rather than +/- scroll method used in v2 shows all the fonts in a generic style rather than displaying them in their own text. I've shared the feedback with the product team so they can review this.

aaaahhhh people are dislike new version ........why ..... because of  new version showing watermark and old version is without watermark ............ guys   you are so smart i love you     ........


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